About Us

ATA PIPES is the trade name of ATA Pipes Industries. It is one of the pioneering companies constructed at the Duhok Zones Industrial in Kashi.

ATA PIPES manufactures High & Medium Density Polyethylene (HDPE /MDPE) pipes for size ranging from 16MM OD up to 1,200MM OD, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) pipes for size ranging from 10MM OD up to 160MM OD, and Polypropylene(PP) pipes for size ranging from 16MM OD up to 125MM OD. The company strictly follows the internationally known German Standards DIN8074/75 for HDPE, DIN8072/73 for LDPE and DIN8077/78 for PP pipes, and also conforms to ISO4427 and other relevant ISO standard recommendations. To cope up with the increasing demand of PE and PP pipes in the Middle East, ATA PIPES acquired a state-of-the art high output machines bearing the latest technology in plastic pipe processing from the world renowned Extrusion manufacturer from Germany.

Maintaining high efficiency and enclosed uncontaminated raw material flow, automatic feeding equipment was also supplied from a German Material Handling Systems manufacturer. Top of the line laboratory equipment were supplied from the world’s most advanced testing equipment. The ATA PIPES manufacturing plant has a designed total annual material output capacity of 35,000 Tons/year.